Transport in Khammam

Khammam is the district headquarters of Khammam district located on the River Munneru banks. Being the district Headquarters and a municipal corporation the city has upgraded its transport system to a greater extent that it can be reached from any part of India without any hassle. This city of Telangana has very good transport infra structure in terms of roadways, railways and local transport system which all strength the transport system in Khammam. 

Roadways in Khammam

Khammam city has very good roadway transport system in its grounds by means of national highway 365A, state highways SH 3, SH 42 and many major roadways. The national highways NH 365A also called as Khammam to Kodad road or Khammam to Mahbubabad road runs from south west end to the north west end of the city linking Khammam to Kodad and Mahububabad cities.

Roadways in Khammam

The nearby localities the NH 365A links Khammam are Gurralapadu, Mudigonda, Medepalli, Dhaniyala Gudem, Aregudem, Acharlaguem, Korutiagudem, Mujjugudem, Anasagaram, Ramachandrapuram, Shanti nagar localities in the south and Pallegudem, Venkapalem, Kachirajagudem, Mulakalapally, Upparagudem, Nallella, Thirmlapuram and many other localities in its north. 

The state highway SH 3 also called as Warangal to Khammam road terminates its 113 km of length journey in Khammam at Jintal locality on NH 365A and it links Khammam district to Warangal through Khammam city. The SH 3 enters the city on the North West at Auto nagar locality and passes through Sai Ram Nagar and exits in NH 365 A at Jintal. The nearby localities the NH 3 connects Khammam with are Arempula, Seetharampuram, Kokkorani, Thirumalayapalem and many more.

The state highway SH 42 also called as the Suryapeta to Badrachalam road runs across the city from west to east. The SH 42 enters Khammam from its west on Jintal locality and it passes through Auto Nagar, Temple city, Nayudupet, Mayuri center, Sahakar Nagar, Braman Bazar, Indira Nagar Colony, Raheem Bagh, Tekulapalli and finally exits the city on its east at Velugumatla locality. 

The other major roadways in Khammam city are bus depot road, PSR road, Burhanpuram road, NST road, Nethaji road, Bonakal Khammam road, Mamatha Hospital road, Gollagudem road, Revathi road, Allipuram road, Lakaram park road, Ricca Bazar road, Old Club road, Rajeev Gunj road and many more road.

The total length of roadways running through the city is about 317.70 km of length out of which CC roads constitutes 110.50 km of length, BT roads constitutes 95.60 km of length, WBM roads constitutes 55.60 km of length and Kutch roads constitutes 56 km  of length. The separate roads and buildings department functions in Khammam municipality for road maintenance.

Roads and Buildings Office
Wyra Rd, Yedulapuram
Khammam HO, Khammam- 507001

Railways in Khammam

The Khammam railway station in the city is a major means of transportation for the city locals to reach major destinations in India. The station with station code “KMT” is sited on the New Delhi to Chennai railway line in South Central railway zone within Secunderabad railway division. The station got two platforms that are elevated at a height of 118 meters above sea level with double electrified broad gauge railway track. 

Railways in Khammam

The station operates nearly 97 trains which include passenger trains, express trains, super-fast express trains, ACSF trains, GR trains and MEMU trains. The states the trains from Khammam station covers are Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi, Orissa, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and many more. 

The station operates trains to connect Kashmir in the North to Kanya Kumari in the south with Khammam, the other major towns and cities the station operates trains are Delhi, Kakinda, Sainagar, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Adilabad, Howrah, Mahbubabad, Dornakal and many more. Popular trains from the station are East Coast Express, Nagarsol Narsapur Express, Ganga Kaveri Express, Konark Express, Grand Trunk (GT) Express, Raptisagar Express and many more.

Khammam Railway Station
1, Station Road
Braman Bazar, Nizampet
Khammam HO, Khammam- 507001

The Vijayawada junction railway station is the nearby major railway station in the city that is located at a distance of 106 km away. The other railway stations that are sited close to the city are Mallemadugu railway station at 8 km away and Pandillapalli railway station at 9 km away.

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Hotels nearby Khammam Railway Station

Khammam railway station is close to many quality hotels to facilitate its travelers like the Hotel Vishnu Residency at 500 m which can be reached in just 6 minutes, Hotel Harsha Residency at 650 m which can be reached in just 8 minutes, Budget Hotel at 750 m which can be reached in just 10 minutes and Krishna Hotel at 600 m which can be reached in just 5 minutes.

Bus Station in Khammam

The Khammam bus station in the city operates buses to major cities and towns in South India. Both Telangana state transport and private buses can be availed in the Khammam bus station.

Bus station in Khammam

Khammam Bus Station
Wyra Rd, Mayuri Center
Braman Bazar, Balaji Nagar
Khammam HO, Khammam- 507001
Phone no.: 087422 28562

Airports nearby Khammam Railway Station

Khammam city doesn’t own an airport in its grounds the Vijayawada airport at 118 km away and Rajahmundry airport at 119 km away are the two airports located close to Khammam city.

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